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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 20
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 12
Black Adam # 8
Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man # 5
Deadpool # 4
The Flash # 798
Ice Cream Man # 34
Junkyard Joe # 5
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II # 3
Saga # 62
She-Hulk # 10
Superman # 1
Thor # 31
Undiscovered Country # 23

Amazing Spider-Man # 20– Spidey’s date night with The Black Cat comes to a hilarious yet chaotic conclusion as this issue wraps up their battle with a group of tech fanatics who are testing out various superhero gadgets thanks to The White Rabbit; What’s so great about this issue is that feels like an out-of-control rom-com with action and plenty of humor to go around and with Joe Kelly at the helm, he always manages to make the laughs flow with ease. The White Rabbit playing off The Black Cat are without a doubt a great comedic duo that is fun to read and I would love to see them headline their own series. Terry Dodson’s art is hit or misses here even with Rachel Dodson’s stellar inks it feels so flat but it doesn’t mess with Kelly’s flow. Spider-Man fans will enjoy this story for what it is while reeling from the latest revelation about Spidey’s relationship with Mary Jane Watson (**NO SPOILERS**) but with Zeb Wells coming back next issue, this two-parter shows Spider-Man at his best while paving the way for more heartache for everyone’s favorite web-slinger.

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 10– Robin, the Boy Wonder goes on a date with Supergirl (Yep. You read that right!); After the tension that the two of them shared for the past few issues, the date between these well-known sidekicks is finally happening. What I found amusing about the set-up of this issue is that even though the two of them are superheroes, their blind date comes off as awkward with some charm for good measure. Mark Waid delivers a fun and exciting vibe to this story as he puts on display Robin and Supergirl’s interactions as their date aren’t going as planned. Add in a runaway pet monkey and an avalanche of bowling balls and it’s the most disastrous date ever. Batman and Superman’s roles in this issue are relegated to being soundboards to both Robin and Supergirl as they get a play-by-play breakdown of their date so it’s fun to see the two of the take a backseat to this whimsical issue. World’s Finest does a marvelous job of modernizing the Silver Age and with this issue putting the focus on both Robin and Supergirl, this is a story that isn’t afraid to have fun with its supporting cast while making it a joy to read.

Ice Cream Man # 34– I have to ask, does anyone remember that old episode of “ALF” where ALF and Willie Tanner jump aboard a freight train just for the sheer adrenaline and whatever adventure they can seek out?! Well, the latest issue of “Ice Cream Man” takes that concept to just frightening heights. We’re introduced to two drifters who have spent their time on various trains but soon they come across another drifter who calls himself “Vicious Vin” and let’s just say there’s more to him than meets the eye (You’ll be shocked at Vin’s true form towards the end); While this issue shows the readers an ever darker take on hobos, it feels slow for the most part but somehow it manages to keep the creepiness intact to give the fans of this title something to think about when it comes to jumping on trains, it makes that “ALF” episode all the more wholesome after reading a story like this.

Superman # 1– It’s a true return to greatness for The Man of Steel as this new series introduces the “Dawn of DC” and I got to say- This issue is simply BRILLIANT!! seeing The Daily Planet in all its glory as well as Lois Lane being the paper’s new editor-in-chief is just amazing. Lexcorp, in the meanwhile, gets transformed into “Supercorp” much to the dismay of Superman himself I might add; Joshua Williamson has given us a Superman title that not only brings back the classic elements that we love about the character but also brings a lighthearted feel to this title that hasn’t been seen since the Peter J. Tomasi/Patrick Gleason era but also making this premier issue enjoyable as a jump-on point for new readers. Jamal Campbell’s art shines on every page will cement him as one of the most celebrated Superman artists of this generation. Anyone who wants a perfect superhero story that excels in excitement and thrills then put on the John Williams theme and prepare to be thrilled by a new era for the Last Son of Krypton that will remind us why he’s the most popular superhero of all time.

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