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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

ANT # 6
Avengers # 65
Blood Tree # 1
Captain America: Symbol of Truth # 1
Dark Web: Finale # 1
The Flash: One Minute War Special # 1
Gargoyles (Facsimile Edition) # 1
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 3
Moon Knight # 20
Radiant Black # 21
Venom # 16

Blood Tree # 1– Peter J. Tomasi, known for his work on “Super-Sons” and “Superman” as well as his stellar Batman work, teams with artist Maxim Simic for a new series that blends “Dogma” and “Blue Bloods” to absolute perfection; Two NYPD detectives begin the hunt for a killer known only as The Angel Killer, who preys on the family members of known murderers so that he can “purify” the rest of society. NYPD detective Dario Azzaro gets an introduction as this issue sees him interacting with his family (His son Alex has such bizarre luck with keeping any pets as they die and the backyard of their house looks like something out of a Stephen King movie); Most of the issue sees Azzaro and his partner come across many dead angels. Tomasi has not lost his touch when it comes to writing a story that will leave the readers wanting more yet setting up a mystery that carefully doesn’t reveal too much but the pacing itself keeps things interesting. Blood Tree revels in its hard-boiled elements that make this a great police drama and with Tomasi at the helm, this is a title that is a modern-day masterpiece.

Dark Web: Finale # 1– The Spider-Man/X-Men crossover comes to an end with this double-sized finale that wraps everything up. yes, Ben Reilly gets his comeuppance (**NO SPOILERS**); The conclusion doesn’t leave out the X-Men due to Zeb Wells doing a great job of giving every character time to shine yet keeping things fun and lively as it races towards the ending; Dark Web may have had its ups and downs, but I can not deny the fact that the finale wrapped up all the plot threads that will leave the readers satisfied and who knows, one of these days we might get a sequel. “Dark Web 2”- Marvel will make this happen sooner than later.

Gargoyles (Facsimile Edition) # 1– Originally published by Marvel back in 1995, this issue feels like a story that was meant for the hit series. The story itself was quite enjoyable and fans of this franchise will no doubt be looking to add this to their collection. I should also add that it’s such a blast seeing some of Amanda Conner’s earlier work as she really captures the essence of the series to where it never looks generic. Gargoyles fans will definitely rejoice by seeing this in their LCS and it’s a wonderful reminder of when Marvel had the licenses to any property to where they came to putting out titles such as this one. You gotta love the 90s.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 3– Miles finally comes face-to-face with the villain who’s about to make his life a living nightmare, she’s known as “The Rabble” and we get to see her origin unfold in the first few pages before jumping back into Miles and Misty Knight’s battle with The Scorpion (Which is sandwiched between The Rabble’s origin and her meeting up with Miles); Even though the readers don’t get the full scope of her intentions, it gives the readers the chance to take in this appearance of the Rabble before heading into the next issue. Cody Ziglar still manages to bring the exhilaration to this title that makes it such a standout due to the drama being ramped up that it truly feels like a Spider-Man story and I definitely would like to see Miles team up with Misty Knight again because the dynamics between these two is just perfect. While the plot moves with an abundance of energy and Miles portrays the Spider-Man we all know and love under the guidance of Ziglar, I think it’s about time for anyone to track down this title and be amazed by the excellence.

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