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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 13
Avengers # 62
Black Panther: Unconquered # 1
Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty # 6
Do A Powerbomb! # 6
Fantastic Four # 1
Ghost Rider # 8
I Am Batman # 15
Moon Knight # 17
Radiant Black # 19
Spider-Man # 2
Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt # 1
Venom # 13

Fantastic Four # 1– The new creative team of Ryan North and Iban Coello come abroad to lead Marvel’s First Family in a new direction. Right away, We are treated to a story featuring Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters visiting a town in Pennslyvania only to find themselves trapped in some weird time loop. I like the Twilight Zone feel that was infused in this issue and the focus on The Thing and Alicia made this a wonderful breath of fresh air instead of going for the typical opening of all the team dealing with a comic-level crisis or Doctor Doom lurking around the Baxter Building, instead, we get a really fun story that North fleshed out where we get to see The Thing in action but it’s also great to see that North does a …..dare I say it!….fantastic job of nailing Ben’s voice and personality. While this issue leaves us with a mystery of why the FF is on bad terms with the rest of the world (**NO SPOILERS**), this is a new era for the FF that should not be overlooked, especially since everyone who’s read this title needs much-needed fun after the non-stop pacing of Dan Slott’s run.

Ghost Rider # 8– Ghost Rider gets a partner! Yeah, that does sound weird when you say it out loud or write about it for that matter as F.B.I. agent Talia Warroad continues her new partnership with G.R.; The horror factor is still intact but this issue sees Talia and G.R. finding a way to like each other or…….there could be something going on between these two (See how I turned into Homer Simpson with the sentence!); It wouldn’t be a bad thing if Talia and G.R. fall for each other but thanks to Benjamin Percy’s stupendous writing, he’s not exactly forcing that but it looks like he’s letting it grow instead of giving the readers a “Will they or won’t they?!” gimmick just for the hell of it (Remember Ross & Rachel?!?); Eight issues in and it’s a fact -Ghost Rider is a book that should be getting more acclaim!

I Am Batman # 15– In his outing as the Dark Knight, especially since he relocated to NYC, Jace Fox had to deal with plenty of street-level crimes but now he comes face-to-face with…..SINESTRO! This “Dack Crisis On Infinite Earths” tie-in sees Jace face his fears is a great way to open him up to the readers and proves that he has what to take to be Batman; The action sequences are just mind-blowing and seeing Jace handle his own against a formative villain like Sinestro is a great way to see him be able to handle anything threat that comes his way while getting himself ready to take his place with the new generation of legacy heroes in the DC Universe. Most crossover tie-ins range from being just okay to flat-out sloppy, but this issue is a perfect Batman story…no matter who’s wearing the cape and cowl.

Spider-Man: The Last Hunt # 1– In 1995, Peter Parker (Believing he was the Clone) leaves NYC with his then-wife Mary Jane Watson-Parker and heads to Portland, Oregan to start a family (MJ was pregnant at the time) and most important fact?…… Peter gave up being Spider-Man due to his powers being taken away so it isn’t long before a man called Gregor, who was the manservant/caretaker for Kraven’s son, the Grim Hunter (Who got killed off by Kaine, a powerful yet deformed clone of Peter Parker) comes to town to exact revenge! J.M. DeMatteis is always at his best when it comes to crafting a Kraven story so, with this series, the dark and psychological components really amplify the story while seeing Peter having to deal with the mind-games Gregor has inflicted on him makes for a perfect thriller, and another way to explore the somewhat evil yet tortured legacy that Kraven has left behind since his passing (Remember “Kraven’s Last Hunt?!”); This is a Spider-Man story that relies on the heavy drama to tell its narrative and with DeMatteis writing it, it’s going to be an experience you may never forget while putting the spotlight back on time in Spider-Man’s past that most fans want to forget.

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