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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 48
Batman And The Outsiders # 16
Captain Marvel # 21
Flash # 761
Hawkman # 27
Stealth # 5
True Believers X-Men: Greycrow # 1
Ultraman: The Rise Of Ultraman # 1
Wonder Woman # 762

Amazing Spider-Man # 48 -I got a kick out of this issue as we see Spidey wrestling with the dilemma of rescuing Norman Osborn from The Sin-Eater and this was a great story as we see Spidey dealing with guilt and of course, responsibility with all the madness that Sin-Eater is causing; I also got a kick out of the appearances of Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Ghost-Spider (Spider-Gwen) as the two of them guest starring weren’t treated as a one-and-done kind of situation but were there to let Peter know that they were there for them and I liked how Mark Bagley perfected every scene with his artwork as he’s always proven what a terrific storyteller he is and with # 850 almost around the corner, the stakes in “Sins Rising” couldn’t be any higher, making this is a great time to jump on ASM.

Flash # 761– I’m going to miss Joshua Williamson when he leaves this title but for now, this arc with Reverse Flash is doing great, mainly because that you never know what kind of surprises that Williamson will have in store and he always delivers big on said surprises, in this case, this issue saw several alternate reality Flashes have Barry’s back and I just know that Williamson will have a huge ending to his run but for now I’m enjoying every bit of this current arc.

Hawkman # 27– I feel like DC dropped the ball when it came to canceling this series because we could have gotten a few more issues of Hawkman and Hawkwoman being transported back to the 1940s when they were a part of The Justice Society and that part was a joy to read because I enjoyed seeing those characters during an age where comic books were very exciting to read and this arc is another home run for Robert Venditti and I hope that we could get some more Hawkman stories written by Venditti because this title has a lot of potential.

Ultraman: The Rise Of Ultraman # 1– I’ll be honest… I’ve never got into Ultraman nor had I had any reason to get into the character until Marvel came into the picture and after reading this I’m hooked on Ultraman and I thank both Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom for not only introducing a brand new audience to this character but also delivering such a flawless story; Plus the artwork, provided by Francesco Manna, is such a beauty because he’s awesome at showing emotion and delivering on the surprising moments which makes him an excellent choice for this title. With this first issue being such a fantastic read and Marvel did such a wonderful job of bringing together a solid creative team (Higgins’ run on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” made him the ideal choice to co-write this) I feel like this is going to be not only a great title but a chance for today’s audience to witness what a great character Ultraman is.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I’ll be back next time.

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