Comic Book Cats, number 53: Incredible Science Fiction #33

Comic Book Cats, number 53: “Big Moment” from Incredible Science Fiction #33, drawn by Wallace Wood and written by Jack Oleck, published by EC Comics in January 1956.

In a post-apocalyptic future radiation from outer space has resulted in animal life on Earth growing to immense size, leaving once-dominant humanity at the bottom of the food chain. This opening splash sees the remnants of civilization being stalked through the woods by a giant cat. Of course, as with many an EC Comics tale, this one comes with a twist ending… Okay, 65-year-old spoilers, it wasn’t the animals who grew big, it was actually human beings who shrank!

EC sci-fi maestro Wallace Wood does a fine job drawing “Big Moment.” He certainly renders our titanic tabby as a suitably menacing figure.

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