Hooded Detective Audiobook

Hooded Detective Audiobook

January 1942

by G.T. Fleming-Roberts

Read by Milton Bagby


Featuring the Black Hood!!! Man of Mystery!!
Written by G.T. Fleming-Roberts, the Hooded Detective, a costumed crime fighter who was more than happy to commit crimes to help solve crimes.
The Black Hood appeared in the September 1941 issue of Black Hood Detective magazine. The title was changed to Hooded Detective magazine for the November 1941 and January 1942 issues. The Black Hood also had a comic book and a radio show.
Columbia Publications was the publisher and Cliff Campbell was the editor.
These nine stories are torn from the pages of the January, 1942 issue of Hooded Detective magazine and is read with stirring intensity by award winning voice actor, Milton Bagby.
Table of Contents:
The Whispering Eye
by G. T. Fleming-Roberts
Read by Milton Bagby
Hunted by the police…framed for robbery and murder by the Eye, master fiend and vicious ruler of the underworld…loathed by Barbara Sutton the girl who loves him…The Black Hood had to face the blazing purgatory of this murder master’s guns to win back Barbara’s love and clear himself of the framed charges.
Chapter 1: Rob and Kill
Chapter 2: Secret Traffic
Chapter 3: Haven of the Hunted
Chapter 4: Live Steam
Chapter 5: The Brand of Light
Chapter 6: The Lady in White
Chapter 7: The Trail of the Beam
Chapter 8: The Forces of Evil
Chapter 9: Alias, the Corpse
Chapter 10: Stop, Murderer!
Chapter 11: The Frame Complete
Chapter 12: Black Light
Candidate for a Coffin – short story
by T. W. Ford
Read by Mark Barnard
Wilson Lamb cuddled his automatic to play “Mr. Death” and fingered little Louis Engel for coffin cargo. But when he pulled the trigger, Whisper the gun-cobra from Chi spilled out of Doom’s deck…
One Hundred Bucks Per Stiff – short story
by J. Lloyd Conrich
Read by Mark Barnard
Mr. Peck was dead…the papers said so. Yet Mr. Peck performed his own autopsy and saved eight men from death.
Death is Deaf – short story
by Cliff Campbell
Read by Mark Barnard
Big Sid couldn’t understand it, and he was a smart monkey. He had cased this job himself, personal. Had cooked up the scheme for pulling it off and had spent a good two weeks laying the groundwork. Yet here he was locked up in the county jail with the hot squat waiting to claim him.
Three Guesses – short story
by David Goodis
Read by Mark Barnard
Detective Frey came in and saw Duggin lying dead, and he figured he’d go out and do big things. He went out and threw his weight around. Doing big things? You figure that one out.
The Cop was a Coward – short story
by Wilbur S. Peacock
Read by Mark Barnard
Johnny Burke had the making of a fine cop in him…but there was something strange about Johnny Burke – something mighty strange!
A Dinner Date with Murder – short story
by Harry Stein
Read by Mark Barnard
They had expected spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner, but were served instead, hot lead, with a little bit of blood on the side.
The Strange Case of William Long – A True Fact Crime Short
by Roy Giles
Read by Mark Barnard
Artistic Murders Misfire – A True Fact Crime Short
by Mat Rand
Read by Mark Barnard
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