The wait is at long last over! Once again, we all get to read the further adventures of the characters of GALLANT COMICS with the second issue of Barry Gregory and Steven Butler’s MINIATURE MAN!

For those who don’t know him, he’s based on a Public Domain character named MiniMidget the Miniature Man (first appearance AMAZING MAN COMICS #5, 1939). And as they did with JOHN AMAN THE AMAZING MAN himself, Barry and Steven update the title character for the modern world, while not losing any of the charm of the original or the classic Bronze Age storytelling at which these two creators so excel.

For those of us who have given up on modern comics from the major companies, projects like this are an island in a sea of nonsense. Filled with the type of stories I love so very much, the only problem that these two creators suffer from is the fact that there’s only two of them. I would happily read Gallant Comics projects on a regular basis if I could.

If you see either of these gentlemen at a convention, do yourself a favor and grab the books they bring with them. You’ll not be at all disappointed.

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