Holly’s Mystery Bundle & NJ ComicFest this Weekend!

Welcome to the Limited Edition Mystery Bundle!

Ahoy Mateys!
This Bundle be filled with fun goodies that Holly created or have her likeness on!
Parcel will value at $60 and up! Featuring a Unique Pirate Holly poly packet! Mystery Bundle will be limited.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 7.38.28 AM
Holly’s Mystery Bundle!

Order Ye Mystery Bundle Here-ARRRR!

bundles vary from order to order. & while supplies last


Visit Jim & Holly at Garden State ComicFest this Weekend!
pick up the latest Tarot from us in person!

Studio Updates: Hey All!
I got an email that some Metal covers will be delivered later today- most likely it’s the Yeah I drew it and the Tarot#12s- I’ll confirm that info in a newsletter tomorrow and get those orders in the post by Friday!

In the NJ Atlantic City area this weekend? Stop by the Garden State Comicfest bring all your books to get signed- Catwoman, Tarot, School Bites- whatever projects we worked on- no fee & no Limit to the amount of books you wish signed- FREE quick sketches with purchase at our Booth… Come in a Tarot/BroadSword CosPlay…well that might land you in an upcoming comicboook!
See You there!

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