Heather Reilly Color Edition

And Hard-Boiled Detective Action!
We’re into the last week of crowdfunding for the Heather Reilly Color Edition. And we could sure use your help.
The genesis of it dates back to my teen years, way back in the 1970s. It goes back to a realization I had one day: We’re all trapped inside our own heads.
Now, for most people, the dichotomy of brain and body never even seems to be understood (witness the number of people who think trading brains with a genius would make them smarter but otherwise unchanged). However, I found it quite a revelation.
We think of ourselves as one unit, mind and body, inseparable. We go through life assuming everyone experiences reality the same way. But how can we KNOW? How can I know that what you see as blue is the color I see as blue? To each of us, it’s what we’ve been told all our lives is blue. But your blue could be my orange. My red may be your green, my purple your yellow. Ultimately, it’s an unknowable difference, albeit a difference that makes not a whit of difference to any of us. But the question is still there: Do you see what I see?
This led to the inevitable question: What if I COULD get inside someone else’s head? What would it be like? The very idea seemed made for the comic book format. That perfect blend of text and images would allow for visual storytelling, while allowing for a verbal first-person narration as a counterpoint to the imagery.
And, being a red-blooded heterosexual MALE, I quickly decided that I was gonna get inside any OTHER head (and consequently BODY), I would definitely prefer it to be a FEMALE body. If I was gonna explore all the aspects of existence in another body, I’d definitely want it to be as DIFFERENT from my OWN equipment as possible. After all, how interesting a story would it be to go from one male body to another? Wow. I’m taller. How weird. Personally, I wouldn’t have been able to keep myself awake long enough to write it.
Ah! But the FEMALE form. Unexplored territory for ANY man! An entirely NEW set of sensations and experiences in something as simple as getting a cup of coffee at McDonald’s. And the social dichotomy was even MORE fascinating. To go from the metaphorical top of the heap to a lower rung of existence–the possibilities seemed ENDLESS!
And please, don’t inundate me with hate mail. For most guys, back in the 70s, that’s how it seemed.
Anyway, that’s how the idea for HEATHER REILLY began.
Over the years, I refined it, and reexamined it, and reworked it, and refined it again.
I had extensive plans for the characters–supporting cast, old girfriend, new town, continuing revelations about just how little our hero knew his own sister, even a spin-off title. Sadly, at the time, I could never interest a comic book company in the property. I did finally get the first part of it published in black & white a couple of decades ago by Sandy Thomas Publications, and I have been ever grateful.
Some time later, Dennis Mallonee offered me the chance to work on numerous Heroic Publishing characters, including Flare, Black Enchantress, and a couple of Dennis’s own transgendered characters, Raven Gold and the Sensational G-Girl. After numerous discussions, I asked Dennis if he might be interested in Heather. I’m pleased to say he found her (or is it him?) worthy of joining his universe.
And so, here we are. I hope this new color edition does well.
If it does catch on, I hope to finally do some of the other issues.
I might even get to that Werewolf tale.
This time, we’re doing it in color!
The color work has already been done. It’s ready to go. But we still need to raise enough money to cover printing costs as well as the expense of getting that color work done. That’s why we’ve launched a Heather Reilly Kickstarter!
If you’d like to support this project, please visit it here:
There are lots of rewards available, and we’ll be adding a few more before the Kickstarter ends (by the way, it ends on Christmas Eve).
We’re hoping this will generate enough support to significantly help out Adam with his medical expenses. But that consideration aside, Heather Reilly is still a great, classic story. And Heroic Publishing is happy to take this opportunity to present it in color for the very first time.

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