GUNNING FOR HITS #2 under review

Back for more? It’s Gunning for Hits #2 under review.
By Joeseph Simon

I reviewed the first issue
Take a look if you haven’t already!
A small recap: Jeff Rougvie is the real deal music industry inside with the real world chops to writing comics. He presents a real look into the music world through a fictional story.
Gunning for Hits is illustrated by the dark pulpy yet punky and spunky art of Moritat! Casey Silver coordinates it all with colors, letters, and design.
Martin Mills is a music industry big shot who signs bands with a hit-making success streak that turns heads making everyone else in the industry envious. He’s unpredictable and very determined. His latest conquest is signing Stunted Growth.
According to Martin, this band is the next big thing. The first issue introduces us to Mills, the leader of Stunted Growth and his girlfriend/manager Diane in a tense negotiation that ends up in a pulp fiction like to be continued ending. That conclusion should lead to Issue #2…except, we don’t discover how that scene turned out!


Cover to Gunning for Hits #2

If you are reading this review and have not read the first issue…I won’t ruin the scene. Especially since it isn’t even referenced in the second issue. Not showing a resolution to the cliff hanger is true to “behind the scenes” of the music industry. There’s always more to every music industry story. There will always be more secrets to uncover. The ending to the first issue is one of them perhaps?

Martin and his Secretary (and her opinion on Melch)

We open up with Martin looking for his accountant
When your successful like Martin, its best to be in good with your accountant. Martin even says his accountant might be his best friend!

Stunted Growth already has nicknamed Martin “Weasel”. One can imagine such people associate with others like them. You won’t be surprised that the type of character that his account is. Actually, even with the warning, you will! Jerry Melchionna or “Melch”, Martins accountant, isn’t at his office. Martin discovers Melch is actually waiting for him at his office.

Martin and his accountant Melch!

Melch relates a story involving an accountant co-worker. A story that revolves around a missing finger, stolen cigars and other details that you should read rather than have me reveal them.

Another side of Melch.

Melch leaves Martins office with a juicy detail. Martins ultimate insider tip and favor. Brian Slade, a performer who, in Martins opinion, would be the top signing ever, is looking for a new label. Whoever gets Slade, gets his next album and his back catalog.
The panel says it all!
Slade is a fictionalized and altered version of a very real musician. I won’t ruin that either. Everything is advanced in this issue. In the first issue, we see that Stunted Growth and Martin share somewhat of an obsession with Slade. We see that even more so with Martin in this issue.

The cast of characters for Gunning for hits was minimal in the last issue. Besides Melch, we are introduced to Martins secretary, his boss, and various friends and enemies. The cast grows bigger. More real-world music information is dispersed throughout the story. All pretty accurate.


Martins Boss
Drama is building. Tension and pressure are mounting from different angles. All of which Martin must deal with to maintain his job. The story quickly progresses. Martin gets to meet Slade.
Ms. Folani Rotherstein
We’re introduced to the hot and mysterious Ms. Folani Rotherstein, Slade’s personal assistant. It appears that Martin wouldn’t mind getting personal with her. Folani introduces Lucius Goldstone, a apeish looking bodyguard for Slade. It turns out that Goldstone and Martin. It’s not a good one and it involves serving in the U.S. Military. Whatever past they share must be bad. Things get tense and end up physical.
Martin and Lucius getting into it!
Before any damage can be done, someone announced that Stunted Growth is about to go on. If there is anything that can interrupt conflict at a concert, it’s the headliner going on! Things really take off as the issue comes to a close.
Stunted Growth take to the stage!
Many of the cast of characters we’ve been introduced to in this issue and the debut are present. Stunted Growth hits the stage. Slade holds court backstage. Our colorful cast continues creating drama, adding color to the dark pulp yet fun canvas of Gunning for Hits!
Stunted Growth, Roadies and the bands manager, Diane.
As with the last issue, Jeff includes interesting back matter for your mind matter! Second issues can be a troublesome stumbling block for many new comics. Gunning for Hits might be the title, but I’m pretty sure Jeff is gunning for a hit with his comic. So far, he has one! I’m looking forward to the third issue. Let’s find out more about our interesting cast of characters and situations!
Gunning for Hits Music Thriller Issue TWO
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Written by
Jeff Rougvie and features art from Moritat.
Casey Silver on colors and lettering.
Published by Image Comics.
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