In 1999 Greg Horn contacted me about helping him promote JUDGE. I didn’t know Greg at the time, but he wanted help with his press release, especially distributing to all the different comic news websites. At the time First Comics News was in its infancy and existed as an email list clipping service called Super Hero News and we had a working relationship with most of the comic news sites of the day to clip and distribute their work by email. We distributed Greg’s press releases and I thought that was that.

We stayed in contact and in 2003 I interviewed Greg about his work for Marvel. The interview went well. I was interested in how he turned his pencil art into photo-realistic covers and apparently I wasn’t alone.

Over the years we had developed more than a professional relationship, and become friends. I have moderated his spotlight panels at conventions and even help work his booth once when he was short handed.

Greg is an interesting guy and always has fun stories. If you see him at a convention say “hi” and if you see him on Facebook, today is his birthday, wish him a “Happy Birthday”.

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