THE BOOK CAVE: Gates of Heaven By Jeff Deischer

I just finished reading Jeff’s latest book, Gates of Heaven and I was blown away by how great it was. It has a few similarities to Star Trek, but only on the surface. Jeff has taken his version to a level that I’ve rarely seen reached.

The book opens in the middle of a introduce a few of the main characters and then shifts into the main story. The main story starts out with a mission that continued from the earlier short story. Just a friendly helping hand to a stranded traveler, giving him a ride to get his ship repaired. Very innocent…or is it? The station is in the middle of nowhere and no record of it being there before.

The leader of the station is a being of what is hinted at, by him, with a shady past. Captain Paul Stark, our hero, is suspicious of him, but hasn’t anything firm to suspect him of anything. Captain Stark gives his crew some needed R&R on the station with the grumpy permission of the leader, Legender.

One of the crew members discovers that not everything is what it appears to be. Captain Stark is told that things don’t add up to what he was told. He confronts the leader and is shown what the mystery is about, or at least what the mystery is believed to be at that time.

This is where the heat is turned up and things become extreme. The mystery has several very interesting twists and the ending will surprise you.

I very much enjoyed the book and hope to see more adventures of Captain Stark and his crew of the Natty Bumppco. Be sure and check out Jeff Deischer’s other books he has written, you will enjoy!

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