After the successful launch of Simon N. Kirby, The Agent, G-Man Comics is pleased to announce the addition of new artists and new stories.

Joshua 1:9 Holley will join Earl Wajenberg on an Energist & Irene story!

David Ellis Leary will join Rik Offenberger and Lou Mougin as a co-writer and cover artist on G-Men United!

Fish Lee will join G-Men United as the interior artist!

Joshua 1:9 Holley David Ellis Leary Fish Lee

Fans of current G-Man Comics artist Alan Faria and Gilbert Monsanto need not fear!

Alan Faria will return for Simon N. Kirby, The Agent #3 while Gilbert Monsanto will launch G-Man Comics 3in1 #1!

Join in for all the excitement coming in January 2021!

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