FIRST LOOK! Jim Balent’s Tarot#121 Cover B!

GOLD Swordmaiden – Amazing NEW Cover B Art!

Jim just finished the fabulous art for Cover B of the 20th Anniversary Edition!!
Below, I created a mock up of what the Gold Metal Skyclad will look like.
If you already grabbed the Metal A cover with the B- That’s the beauty to expect!
This is a VERY limited edition and the special Price will end March 13th SO HURRY!

With The $5 Early Bird Bundle You will receive Both Covers A & B plus a Mystery Gift!

ETC may NOT ship early, they will go out as soon as we receive them from our Printers.

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Tarot#121 Marks 20 Years of this Bewitching Book!

SkyClad Variants Available!
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Only 2!

Metal Variant for Cover B! Bundles Available!
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Gold Metal B Cover Variant: Gold Swordmaiden!

Special Ends 3/13/2020
ships late March 2020

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