FallOut Ultra-Premium Sketch Cards

FallOut Ultra-Premium Sketch Cards

artists: Various

2.5” x 3.5” | $35.00 | Teen+

Fallout, the worldwide best-selling phenomenon post-apocalyptic action role-playing game series is presented in a special Dynamite series of one-of-a-kind hand-drawn original

art signed sketch cards! Fallout fans can continue to collect sketch cards representing their favorite weapons, gear, characters, and much more from this comprehensive

collection of original custom art!

Every signed card features a color ink or ultra-rare, gold ink signature and is individually packaged in a special Fallout envelope!

Sketch Card artists include; Aaron Swafford, Adam Worton, Alex Mines, Allen Douglas, Andy Bohn, Anthony Richichi, April Reyna, Barry Renshaw, Benjamin Lombart, Bianca

Thompson, Bill Maus, Bobby Blakey, Brad Hudson, Brent Scotchmer, Chad Scheres, Charles Drake, Dan Curto, Daniel Gorman, Don Kunkel, Edward Santia, Elias Melendes,

Fernando Jimenez, J Hammond, Jason Mooers, Jeff Meuth, Jeffrey C. Benitez, Jim Mehsling, Joe DelBeato, John Martin, Jon Mangini, Jonathan Williams, Kallan Archer, Karl

Jones, Ken Haeser, Kevin B. Cleveland, Laura Atkinson, Limuel Pinzon, Lam-Nation, Mariano Nicieza, Marcia Dye, Matt Buttich, Matt Stewart, Mick Beyers, Mikey Chiume Jr.,

Miranda Gainey, Mitch Ballard, Monty Anderson, Nathan Kennett, Norvien Basio, Nosrettep, Patrick Davis, Rich Molinelli, Robert Stewart, Roberto Duque, Roger Martinez,

Rusty Gilligan, Sarah Jordan, Scott Harrell, Tim Dowler, Toni Barber, Vanessa Solis, Chenduz, Will Torres, William Zorn, Wilson Ramos, XinJix and many, many more!

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