Don’t slow down, don’t stop, keep going 78 MPH

HOUSTON, TX — A little bit of Speed, a little bit of Mortal Engines and a lot of Mad Max, 78 MPH offers up an apocalyptic world like no other.  The Earth’s spin has begun to slow even as the sun burns hotter; nature is out of whack and humanity is in the crosshairs.  With sunlight burning civilization to the ground, the survivor’s only chance is to go on the run, driving across the wasteland and doing whatever it takes to stay ahead of the sun. 78 MPH is a fantastic new entry in apocalyptic adventure coming this spring from Red 5 Comics.

Xira creator Mauro Mantella was looking around for his next great idea when 78 MPH landed on him. “I had read this story about devils living inside a planetoid, and then the adventure of everything constantly moving was inspired by a level in Tomb Raider 4 that took place on a train. Those two concepts clicked and everything got “on wheels.” I was excited by the challenge of imagining people that had been born in those circumstances and had never experienced stillness, and everything that needed to be invented to maintain that situation..”

If there’s one thing 78 MPH doesn’t have to worry about it’s stillness.  The newest creation from Red 5 Comics and StoneBot is an experiment in pure adrenaline.  Jump on board this three issue series beginning April 2022, wherever Red 5 Comics are sold.

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