Artist Bernard Chang and writers Tasha Huo, Jen Troy and Rylend Grant to Celebrate the Immortal Storyverse at WonderCon 2022

Immortal Studios Announces Fa Sheng: Origins by Writer Rylend Grant and Artist Dexter Wee


(March 31, 2022) Los Angeles-based publisher Immortal Studios is creating the first comic book-based shared universe of Wuxia martial arts-fantasy stories, with a series of interconnected comic books inspired by the storytelling of  Shiao Yi. One of the foremost authors in the Wuxia genre, Shiao Yi’s novels have been adapted into film and television more than thirty times, including film adaptations by the Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest. The publishing initiative is spearheaded by Immortal Studios’ Founder and CEO Peter Shiao, who is collaborating with a team of comic book storytellers, to adapt his father’s stories for a modern audience with the Immortal Storyverse, showcasing the Wuxia genre that has influenced contemporary pop culture, from Hidden Tiger, Crouching Tiger to The Matrix and Star Wars. Now, having previously crowdfunded two comic book series, Immortal Studios is bringing their new comic book, Fa Sheng: Origins by writer Rylend Grant and artist Dexter Wee, to Kickstarter this spring. A pre-launch page that fans can click on to get an email when the Fa Sheng: Origins Kickstarter campaign launches, is now live.


Fa Sheng: Origins reveals the humble beginnings of the great Shaolin Master. The series is created by Peter Shiao and written by Rylend Grant, a screenwriter, author, and Ringo Award-winning comic book creator who is also an ordained Soto Zen Buddhist monk. Fa Sheng: Origins is illustrated by Dexter Wee (Outlaw Territory, The Führer and the Tramp), colored by Omi Remalante, Jr., lettered by Deron Bennett, and edited by Brian Cunningham (Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman). Readers of Immortal Studios’ The Adept know Fa Sheng as a death-cheating, mind-bending Shaolin Master… but he carved a long bloody road to get there. Fa Sheng’s story begins in the latter days of the 19th century, when the confusion and carnage of China’s Boxer Uprising force him to reevaluate his purpose in life, to dedicate himself to helping those in need. It isn’t easy. Between Fa Sheng and his goal of empowering the masses stand ruthless adversaries, backstabbing power grabbers and cowardly charlatans… any of whom would gladly dispose of anyone in their way.


“Wuxia is a fantasy genre of transformation and romanticism from the East that also has its roots in real history,” said Immortal Studios’ Founder and CEO Peter Shiao. “It is the story of the commoner who becomes extraordinary, the outsider wandering hero, who is compelled by circumstance to stand against injustice and champion the common person. There’s never been a better time than now for people to discover what makes Wuxia so excitingly relevant and it’s a thrill to honor my father’s legacy, as one of the pioneers of modern Wuxia. And the best way for me to do that has been to create this interconnected inspired from his work, and to pickup the pen myself. What is different this time is our decision to make our modern world today with all of the challenges and opportunities as the backdrop, while returning the genre to its founding roots in spiritual transformation, which explains our decision to begin with Shaolin.”


Immortal Studios will reveal more about the Immortal Storyverse at WonderCon 2022, where they’ll host a panel on Saturday, April 2nd:

1:30-2:30 Immortal Studios: Birth of a Storyverse — Fans of wuxia, martial arts fantasy and comics, rejoice! This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the Immortal “Storyverse” that is bringing together all the wide ranging influences of this timeless Asian genre in an interconnected comic book universe for the first time. Join Peter Shiao (Founder and CEO), Hank Kanalz (Head of Publishing), Bernard Chang, Tasha Huo, Rylend Grant, and Jen Troy (the key talent behind The Adept, Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen and other tentpole titles), for an in-depth introduction that promises to awaken the hero in everyone through Wuxia. Don’t miss your opportunity to witness history! Panel will include special commemorative gifts exclusively for attendees! Room 213AB


“We’re creating a new and different chapter for Wuxia, one that’s different from my father’s generation,” said Peter Shiao. “Our vision is to break new ground by creating dynamic stories set in the contemporary world. We’ll honor the past, and we’ll do that by crafting stories for the future and creating a modern Wuxia for a new generation.”


For updates on the Kickstarter and for details about the publisher’s presence at WonderCon, follow Immortal Studios on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. To get an email when the Fa Sheng: Origins Kickstarter campaign is launched, click on the pre-launch page.

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