On November 22, 2019, a Diamond Retailer Services Representative mistakenly appended an internal reference document to an email that went to approximately 200 retailers.  The document contained account contact information and partial sales data for our customer base, including your store’s information. Retailers who received the file were notified of the error within one hour and asked to delete the email message and attached file. Diamond Comic Distributors takes such incidents very seriously and will train employees and implement additional security.  Furthermore, retailers whose sales figures were included on the attachment will be contacted directly at the email addresses on file.  For further information, please contact XXXXX at (443)-XXXXXX or (XXXX@diamondcomics.com). As you may know, Geppi Family Enterprises has begun a technology transformation effort.  Data security is a significant component of this effort.  This project is being led by our technology consultants and business leaders, ensuring that the data with which we are entrusted is as secure as possible at every level of our organization. We take full responsibility for this error.  We appreciate your patience and partnership as we work toward full resolution.


Stan Heidmann, President, Geppi Family Enterprises

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