Death-Defying ‘Devil & Red Sonja NFTs Out

March 16 Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite continues to bring the exciting, explosive drops for NFT comics collectors. Out today are releases in single issue and collection form of Death-Defying ‘Devil, the latest issue of international superstar Mirka Andolfo’s Red Sonja run, and a limited edition lithograph of Vampirella by Italian master Lucio Parrillo.

One of Dynamite’s biggest early hits was the debut of the Project Superpowers franchise, as the legendary Alex Ross and crew resurrected a deep cast of underused classic superheroes from the “Golden Age” of the 1940s and ’50s comic books. Bringing them to the modern day and tying them all together in a clever manner, fans were excited to see these icons on the page once again with a new burst of energy and interest. One of the breakouts to get their own series was the Death-Defying ‘Devil, as written by the critically acclaimed Joe Casey. Then check out the latest issue of Red Sonja with a brand new arc and perfect jumping-on point. As Dynamite approaches spinning off new character Sitha into her own title, get to know her as she grows up before readers’ eyes in the flagship title.

These limited-edition digital collectibles are available to purchase on Terra Virtua here:

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