Dark Horse Books Announces Snow Angels Volume 2, by Bestselling Creators Jeff Lemire and Jock, Will Be Available in Print for the First Time in June 2022 and ahead of on sale, Snow Angels Volume 1 Goes Back to Press for a Second Printing

November 23, 2021 – New York, NY / Portland, OR – Dark Horse, the legendary comic book publisher of titles including Black HammerHellboySin City and The Umbrella Academy, will publish Snow Angels Volume 2, collecting the conclusion of the acclaimed limited 10-issue series by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Jock. Snow Angels Volume 1, collecting issues #1-4 arrives in print in February 2022 and is going back to press for a second printing.

Snow Angels is the first collaboration between the two renowned talents. Together, they have created an epic science fiction adventure story set in a brutal near future where the world is covered in ice.

 Snow Angels Volume 2—collects issues #5-10—Available in June 2022 for the First Time in Print!

  • In Snow Angels, Milliken and Mae have never left The Trench—it’s all they’ve ever known. They were born in The Trench, and they’ll die there, just like all their people do. The two girls, eight and eleven, are a part of The Trenchfolk, a sprawling settlement of people living inside the massive ice walls of a vast, seemingly endless frozen trench carved into the surface of an otherwise icy wasteland. The Trenchfolk survive in this hostile world by following The Three Testaments of The Trench—golden rules repeated like a mantra from birth to death…
  • Milli and Mae don’t really know how their people came to live here. No one does, not even their wise and gentle father. On Milliken’s twelfth birthday, their father takes the two girls on an overnight skate down the trench — a coming-of-age ritual to teach them how to fish the frozen river, how to hunt the wild Trenchdogs that wander its frigid banks, and how to give proper thanks to their frozen Gods — The Colden Ones. It’s the trip of a lifetime until the girls push beyond the borders of their humble land and awaken the Trench’s deadly defender…The Snowman!
  • Jeff Lemire is the creator of the acclaimed graphic novels Sweet Tooth (coming to Netflix from Robert Downey Jr.), the Essex County Trilogy, The Underwater Welder, Trillium, and Roughneck as well as Descender and Ascender with Dustin Nguyen, and Black Hammer with Dean Ormston. Jeff has also written Green Arrow, Justice League and Animal Man for DC Comics and Hawkeye for Marvel Comics. He’s also part of the creative team on Cosmic Detective which he recently Kickstarted with Matt Kindt and David Rubín
  • In 2008 and in 2013 Jeff won the Schuster Award for Best Canadian Cartoonist. He has also received The Doug Wright Award for Best Emerging Talent and the American Library Association’s prestigious Alex Award, recognizing books for adults with specific teen appeal. He has also been nominated for 8 Eisner awards, 7 Harvey Awards and 8 Shuster Awards. In 2010 Essex County was named as one of the five Essential Canadian Novels of the Decade. He currently lives and works in Toronto with his wife and son.
  • Jock is the three times New York Times best-selling British artist best known for his comics work with writer Andy Diggle on DC/Vertigo’s The Losers, the award-winning Batman: The Black Mirror, and Wytches with writer Scott Snyder. Jock has also produced key art and concept design for films including Dredd, Annihilation, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and the Oscar-winning Ex Machina. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, he now lives and works in Devon, England.
  • Snow Angels Volume 2 [128 pages / color / on sale June 21, 2022 in bookstores and June 22, 2022 in comic shops / MSRP $19.99/$25.99 pbk / ISBN: 978-1-506726496] is one of the latest releases from the Dark Horse Books and comiXology Originals print program. It is available for pre-order now through AmazonBarnesand Noble, and your local comic shop.
  • Snow Angels Volume 1 [88 pages / color / on sale February 1, 2022 in bookstores and February 2, 2022 in comic shops / MSRP $19.99/$25.99 pbk / ISBN: 978-1-50672648-9] is one of the latest releases from the Dark Horse Books and comiXology Originals print program. It is available for pre-order now through AmazonBarnes and Noble, and your local comic shop.

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