Cartoonist Victoria Grace Elliott Presents The History of Desserts Through Facts, Legends, and Recipes In YUMMY: A HISTORY OF DESSERTS

Random House Graphic to Publish a (Delicious) Nonfiction Graphic Novel For Kids

Have you ever wondered who first thought to freeze cream? Or when people began making sweet pastry shells to encase fruity fillings? With her graphic novel debut, cartoonist Victoria Grace has cooked up a colorful and comprehensive history of seven desserts: ice cream, cake, brownies, donuts, pie, gummies, and cookies in YUMMY: A HISTORY OF DESSERTS. The non-fiction graphic novel takes readers on a fun adventure through sweet culinary history with facts, and legends, and also includes easy-to-make recipes for readers to try at home.

In YUMMY, the food sprite Peri shows readers the delicious history of sweets while taking them around the world and back. Peri shares the legends of the team-up that made ice cream cones, the mistake that made brownies, and who put the hole in the donut, as well as many other culinary mysteries, fables, and delightful accidents that created the wide world of desserts as we know it today. With an eye towards historical accuracy and cultural context, Peri and her team of sprites take readers on a journey from an era when sweets were reserved only for those rich in time and money all the way up to today, when a freshly baked cake can spring from a box in minutes!

“I’ve always loved learning about food throughout history, and all the better when their stories are filled with feeling and humor,” said cartoonist Victoria Grace. “I wanted to highlight several desserts and their history using little sprites who could really show off the big charms of desserts just their height!”

Here’s what the critics are saying about YUMMY: A HISTORY OF DESSERTS:

“Elliott presents readers with delectable morsels of knowledge: The immersive, interactive feel and the vibrant and creatively detailed illustrations that evoke an old-fashioned candy shop will sustain readers’ attention. Scrumptiously entertaining and informative.”—Kirkus Reviews

“In this vibrant visual tour of favorite modern-day treats, brown-skinned, green-haired sprite Peri, clad in spectacles and a yellow apron, along with colorful companions Fee and Fada, offer a global and historical overview of seven desserts…. Elliott’s debut shares delightfully delectable goodies in an easily digestible format that stays light and comical. Whimsical illustrations, reminiscent of colorful vintage sweet shops, complement the subject matter.”—Publishers Weekly

The informative and delicious YUMMY: A HISTORY OF DESSERTS will be available in stores on November 30, 2021, just in time for the holiday season. It’s a perfect gift for aspiring chefs of all ages.

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