Comics Mentoring: Only 10 Sessions Remaining for 2021!

Hey, gang!

Just wanted to send a quick update about my after-hours Comics Mentoring program. I’m still trucking along – having now completing 135 Zoom sessions! If you’re willing to help spread the word a little, I still have 10 open slots in November and December, so it’s not too late for someone to book some one-on-one editorial time.

Check out what everyone is saying (and all the details) here:

So, if you’d like to help some aspiring industry professionals get some advice in the following areas…

— A detailed editorial review of your project… along with answering:
— How to make your submission more attractive to publishers
— What makes comics unique & the key elements of good storytelling
— Self-publishing through social media, press, crowdfunding, & conventions
— How money is made in the business/financial planning
— Publishing contracts and agents
— Hollywood exploitation, management, and contracts
— Careers in comics (creative and business)

…feel free to let them know to hit me up via email ( Let’s get those projects and careers moving in the right direction!

Your friend thru comics,

Chris Staros

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