Comic Book Cats, number 71: Wonder Woman #600

Comic Book Cats, number 71: Wonder Woman #600, written & drawn by Amanda Conner, lettered by John J. Hill and colored by Paul Mounts, published by DC Comics in August 2010.

“Fuzzy Logic” is an amusing and entertaining back-up story featuring a team-up between Wonder Woman and Power Girl. After they team up to fight the latest incarnation of ridiculous villain Egg Fu, Power Girl asked Princess Diana for help with “a problem that I can’t just punch my way out of.” Wonder Woman, who is able to communicate with animals, explains to Kara exactly how her cat feels about her and the rest of the world.

This cute two-page sequence looks at the unique relationship that exists between humans and cats and is wonderfully illustrated by the very talented Amanda Conner. She does great work with Diana and Kara’s facial expressions here and draws an adorable kitty. That’s one of the qualities I really enjoy about Conner’s work: she gives her characters very animated personalities. Conner’s dialogue here is also great.

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