CCL #538 – December 2020 Solicitations – Chris’ Day Off

Collected Comics Library PodcastChris takes the week off, so Andy is joined by Travis, one of our good friends of the show and one of our Slackers to go over the December 2020 solicits. The guys also talk about Death of the Inhumans, Watchmen, Action Comics, MOK, Creepy, and Fantastic Four.

Andy’s Picks:
1. Superman & Batman: Generations Omnibus HC (DC)
2. Thunderbolts Omnibus V1 HC (Marvel)
3. Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter: The Coming of the Dragon HC (DC)
4. Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus V1 HC (Marvel)
5. Justice Society of America: The Demise of Justice HC (DC)
6. Cullen Bunn Omnibus: All my Little Demons (Aftershock)
7. Best of Alex Toth & John Buscema Roy Rogers Comics HC (Hermes)
8. Eightball: Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron TP (Fantagraphics)
9. PS Artbooks Kona Monarch of Monster Isle Softee V1 (PS Artbooks)
10. DC Comics Art of Lee Bermejo (DC)

Travis’ Picks:
1. Reckless HC (Image)
2. World Of Black Hammer Library Edition HC Vol 2 (Dark Horse)
3. War On Terror Godkillers TP (Aftershock)
4. Defenders Omnibus HC Vol 1 (Marvel)
5. Green Lantern: Circle Of Fire TP (DC)
6. Manhunter Deluxe Edition HC (DC)
7. New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol 5 HC (DC)
8. Superman: Kryptonite Nevermore HC (DC)
9. Superman: Man Of Steel Vol 2 HC (DC)
10. Wonder Woman Book Two: Ares Rising TP (DC)

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