Comic Book Cats, number 56: Love and Rockets: New Stories #7

Comic Book Cats, number 56: Love and Rockets: New Stories #7, written & drawn by Jaime Hernandez, published by Fantagraphics in January 2015.

Jaime Hernandez and his brother Gilbert have been creating Love and Rockets for nearly four decades now. During that time both of them have developed extended casts of compelling characters and long-running plotlines. Jaime and Gilbert poignant, tragic, humorous soap operas have successfully drawn in readers.

Within Jaime’s half of Love and Rockets: New Stories #7, the now middle-aged Margarita “Maggie” Chascarrillo has gone out of town to have a brief reunion with her best friend, and occasional romantic partner, Esperanza “Hopey” Glass. Maggie’s boyfriend Ray Dominguez is left to his own devices, and inevitably finds himself wondering yet again if Maggie is going to leave him for Hopey.

Sitting in his apartment, Ray observes his two cats staring intently at each other and thinks to himself…

“Canicas and Richy the Second are pretending to hate each other when in reality they are the greatest lovers since Romeo and Juliet or Leiber or Stoller or… yes, or Maggie and Hopey. Sigh…”

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