Comic Book Cats, number 34: Action Comics #662

Comic Book Cats, number 34: Action Comics #662, drawn by Bob McLeod, written by Roger Stern, lettered by Bill Oakley and colored by Glenn Whitmore, published by DC Comics in February 1991.

Not a hoax! Not a dream! Not an imaginary story! “Secrets in the Night” saw Clark Kent at long last revealing he was Superman to Lois Lane. Bob McLeod is an expert storyteller, and he did an amazing job drawing this issue, investing Lois and Clark with a great deal of emotion, really carrying the drama of this historical moment in Superman history.

We also get to see Lois with her cat Elroy, the two of them waiting for Clark to return after a run-in with the supernatural menace Silver Banshee. I really enjoy McLeod’s inking on this page, which is complemented by Glenn Whitmore’s coloring.

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