CAPTAIN CANUCK #18 preview

“Down” The Borealis Invasion has devastated nations across the planet, leaving only a handful of heroes to stand against overwhelming odds. Each planet conquered and destroyed by the Borealis has added one more immensely powerful Hunter to their pack. The seed, having bonded with both Tom and Michael, makes each hunter more than a match for Captain Canuck on his own.
Regrouping in Nunavut, Crucible, the Human-Lizard, Northguard, and Captain Canuck are joined by Michael. While revealing his own plan to stop the invasion by BLOWING UP TORONTO, they come under siege by Hunters who reveal that Michael is only a holographic projection and is already en route to Toronto with Redcoat.
Barely escaping the Hunters, will Canuck and his team catch up with Michael in time to keep him from destroying Toronto?
WRITER: Jay Baruchel & Van Jensen
ILLUSTRATOR: Patrick Macchi
COVER: John Gallagher
PRICE: $4.99

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