Comic Book Cats, number 154: The Batman and Robin Adventures #16

Comic Book Cats, number 154: The Batman and Robin Adventures #16, penciled by Brandon Kruse, inked by Rick Burchett, written by Ty Templeton, lettered by Tim Harkins, and colored by Linda Medley, published by DC Comics in March 1997.

The Batman and Robin Adventures continued the comic book stories set within the Batman: The Animated Series continuity. This time Ty Templeton writes rather than penciling, penning a story that sees Catwoman framed for several crimes, and having to prove her innocence to the Dynamic Duo. Templeton does a good job scripting this incarnation of Selina Kyle, showcasing both her iron-clad dedication to environmental activism and the blasé, irreverent attitude she shows towards the serious, straight-laced Batman.

Brandon Kruse graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1989 and worked as a storyboard artist on such animated series as The Tick, Fairly Odd Parents, and My Life as a Teenage Robot. He penciled several issues of The Batman and Robin Adventures. As seen here, he certainly captured the essence of Selina Kyle and her various cats.

Kruse is inked here by the great, often-underrated Rick Burchett, who was a regular presence on the animated-inspired comic books DC published throughout the 1990s.

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