Comic Book Cats, number 12: The Demon #7

Comic Book Cats, number 12: The Demon #7, written & penciled by Jack Kirby and inked & lettered by Mike Royer, published by DC Comics in March 1973.
Among the literally hundreds of characters created by the legendary Jack Kirby is the very odd pair of Klarion the Witch Boy and his feline familiar Teekl. Klarion is both powerful and mischievous enough to often be a very dangerous menace. Frequently aiding & abetting Klarion in his mystic mayhem is Teekl the terribly tabby, who can grow in size & strength becoming a saber-toothed tiger. Teekl is initially described by Kirby as a male, but in a later issue of The Demon is most definitely a female, transforming into a creature that is half-cat and half-woman.
As we see on this page from Klarion and Teekl’s first appearance, like most cats Teekl can be friendly & gentle to the people she likes, but make her angry and, yipes, she becomes a literal wildcat, as Jason Blood’s gruff pal Harry Mathews discovers firsthand.
Klarion and Teekl have had a surprisingly enduring appeal over the decades, and I’m sure we will see them again in a future entry.

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