“Coffee Crisis” (Nintendo Switch) Review

Aliens have come for our WiFi, coffee, and Metal!  It is now up to two badass baristas to stop these aliens at all costs.  This is what is happening on Coffee Crisis, which is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

Coffee Crisis pits baristas Nick and Ashley up against the Smurglian race who have come for some our most precious resources (that being the aformentioned WiFi, coffee, and Metal music).  Nick and Ashley will take the fight from the streets all the way up to the Smurglian homeworld on Mars.  They will also face a variety of enemies, from mind controlled humans to “greys” to alien overlords.

The game is a nostalgic throwback to the brawlers of the 16-bit era.  It actually got its start in cartridge form for the Sega Genesis (in 2017).  With the 16-bit nostalgia comes the 16-bit difficulty.  Players must be prepared to die…a lot. This is a game where enemies will keep coming from all sides and the player will have to keep pushing forward. Stages will offer powerups and special weapons.  The game has 3 lives and no continues.  However, there is a simple password system that will put you back at the last level you played. Players can also adjust the difficulty if need be.

The sounds of the game are true to what the Sega Genesis offered during its time. Every hit and movement will bring back a good feeling of nostalgia.  The metal soundtrack to the game was provided by the band Greywalker.  It really gives a fun vibe to the game while you dispose of alien invaders.  Controls for the game are tight and responsive.  The button scheme is also simple for all players.  There is a main attack, special attack, grab, and jump.

Coffee Crisis is a fun game with a simple premise.  The game is worth the price alone for the 16-bit love and nostalgia.  It is simple enough to learn, but offers a great challenge to gamers of all eras.

Coffee Crisis is rated “T for Teen,” and is available in the Nintendo Switch store for $9.99.

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