It’s the emotional climax! Will the secrets of the spot be revealed?

CEX Publishing is proud to announce Charlie’s Spot #4 arriving at comic book shops and speciality stores next Wednesday.

Debuting in 2021, Charlie’s Spot tells the story of Charlie, a busker with the best spot in the park until a heart attack sidelines him. It’s an all out turf war as Charlie battles Clowns, Bears, Jugglers and Dancer in a valiant attempt to regain his spot!

Issue 4 it’s the emotional conclusion as Charlie and his merry band of buskers declare all out war. Will Charlie finally regain his spot? Find out what happens next in Charlie’s Spot #4, on sale March 16, 2022!

All! Out! War! Charlie and his merry band of buskers make one last stand to take back their park and regain control of Charlie’s busking spot. If his plan doesn’t work, Charlie will lose his spot and the most important thing in his life.

All the secrets of the spot will be revealed in this emotional climax!

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