A Casino Newbie’s Guide To Playing Slot Machines

Slot machines are part of the iconic casino experience, but it is easy to become absorbed in them a little too much. This is because of the way that they draw in players and the prospect of winning a big jackpot.

It is recommended that people who are new to casinos focus on slot machines as a way of easing their way in, and understanding that there is some level of strategy that can be used. 

For those who want to work on these skills and improve their knowledge of slot machines, it could be useful to play slots online for real money. This allows you to explore your options and the different display settings before heading to the casino. 

This is a guide to playing slot machines, and how you can find the right machine for you. 

How To Choose A Slot Machine?

Firstly, it is worth comparing the different options, and understanding what type of slot machine to choose when you are in the casino. 

Pay Attention To The RTP

This is the amount that a slot machine or online game will Return To Players, and it is important to find a game with high RTP values in order to get the most out of your money. Most online slot games have an RTP of 96% and above, but it is worth comparing the different machines to see how much you are likely to win back with larger numbers of spins. 

Suits Your Preferences

While traditional slot machines had similar displays and three to five wheels that were spun after pulling a lever, there are so many choices nowadays when it comes to finding the right slot machine. 

Digital displays offer a video game structure that is highly interactive and offers customization. If you prefer a certain color scheme, graphics, or sound effects, it could be worth trying out different styles and seeing if you like more modern or traditional displays. 

Look For A Big Jackpot

It may seem a little obvious, but many people tend to focus entirely on the display or RTP of a slot machine. It is worth comparing the total jackpot of each machine in order to figure out how much you are likely to win. Of course, larger jackpots are preferred, but it is also worth noting that games with smaller jackpots usually have higher minimum winnings. Those who are trying to gradually build up their winnings rather than risk it all on one game could equally benefit from a slightly lower budget. 


These are some key tips to keep in mind when you are starting to play at a slot machine, and what you can do to generate a higher payout. 

Set A Budget And Stick To It

This is a recommended rule for most casino games, and it can be ideal to set limits with yourself and practice a little impulse control. This is because it is easy to spend higher amounts of money when you are in a casino without noticing. 

The immersive environment makes it easy to forget about the amount of money that you have, which is why it could be worth practicing with online slots at first. Sticking to a budget at this stage makes it easier to do so when you move towards more intense card based casino games. 

Prevent yourself from losing higher amounts of money by setting aside a specific amount of money intended for the casino, and try to avoid exceeding this. 

Make The Most Of Bonuses

Most digital slot machines and online displays have their own selection of bonuses and rewards that are given to beginner players. Take advantage of these and try to spend more time on these if possible, so that you do not have to spend higher amounts of money in the long run. 

It’s All About Timing

When you are playing slot games in a casino, it’s worth paying attention to the timing of payouts. Try to watch other players, and keep track of the amount of spins or attempts that certain machines take before generating a payout. 

This can increase your chances of winning big and securing a jackpot when you are using slot machines. 

Things To Avoid

Because they are highly immersive, it is important to set boundaries with yourself and avoid spending too much time and money on slot machines. Consider the following things in order to prevent making common mistakes. 

Drinking Too Much

Most casinos have bars in them, and it could be worth limiting your alcohol intake when you are playing slot games and other casino games. It is generally recommended that you avoid anything that can alter your state of mind and awareness. This can impact your judgment and make it more likely that you will not use much of a strategy. 

Spending More Time On Slots

When you are in a casino, make sure you set yourself a time limit on slots. Spending too much time on them can affect your chances of generating a jackpot. It is also less likely that you will win once you have secured a payout, so it’s worth walking away once this happens. 


Slots are extremely versatile and immersive, which is part of the reason why they are highly entertaining and exciting. Try to set yourself time and money limits with these games, and that you are paying attention to other machines in the casino to see how frequently a payout is generated. 

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