Charles Biro’s groundbreaking DAREDEVIL

Another marvelous melange of monumentally mythic mystery men, that’s what’s in store in AC’s Men Of Mystery #111, coming in February 2019; headlined by a great, early adventure of Charles Biro’s groundbreaking (original) DAREDEVIL. Though entering the field as an artist, it’s as a writer and editor that Biro trully left his mark, as the approach he pioneered echoes decades later in the work of Stan Lee. The BLUE BEETLE is another character that has been reimagined multiple times since first appearing in 1939, this issue of MOM recounts on of his longer early tales from Fox Features’ Big 3 #7. CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT also had a long and storied career, not only in comics but also on radio, TV and in licensed products; see him here in a story from Captain Midnight #33, “Wolves In The Wilderness”. PYROMAN and DOC STRANGE ( from the Stanard/Nedor/Better/Pines group) have become popular reprint features in MOM in recent years, and this issue covers previously-unreprinted, feature-length stories of each, from Startling Comics #41 and America’s Best #3, respectively. SKYMAN was one of the best-drwan early costumed heroes thanks to the work of Ogden Whitney. The Gardner Fox-written, Whitney-drawn epic this issue will be “The Master Of Treachery”, from Skyman #1. The Ace Comics line has received little coverage (outside of MOM) by comics historians; this MOM carries a trio of hitherto-unseen Ace hero adventures starring BUCKSKIN, VULCAN and The BLACK SPIDER, all from Super-Mystery Volume 2 #2. We’ve only ever presented ONE other HOODED WASP story; MOM #11 will boast a second saga, as drawn by Jack Binder. Highlighting a “new” vintage superhero that has never previously appeared in Men Of Mystery has become somewhat of a tradition and MOM #111 delivers not one but TWO!! How about The RED DEMON ( a JUDGE who puts on a costume to fight crime in his off hours!!) and the ultra-rare origin of GREG GILDAY from Dell’s almost never seen 1940 comic book, War Comics #2!! Put it all together and it spells 140 pages of comic book costumed character history in black and white with color covers. Men of Mystery #111, standard comic-book sized, and saddle-stiched; $29.95 from AC Comics, coming in February 2019.

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