CCL #506 – January 2020 Solicitations – Just Like Budapest

Collected Comics Library PodcastChris and Andy reminisce about the early days of the CCL and talk a lot of Back Widow and get right into “draft” selections from the January 2020 solicits that include:

Andy’s Draft
1. John Byrne’s Man of Steel Omnibus Volume 1 HC (DC Comics)
2. Baltimore Omnibus Volume 2 HC (Marvel)
3. HG Wells The Island of Dr. Morue HC (IDW)
4. Animal Man by Grant Morrison Volume 1 TP (DC Comics)
5. Flash of Two Worlds Deluxe HC (DC Comics)
6. Legion of Super-Heroes: Road to Legion TP (DC Comics)
7. Black Widow Epic Collection: Beware The Black Widow TP (Marvel)
8. Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam TP (DC Comics)
9. James Bond 007 Volume 2 HC (Dynamite)
10. What If? Classic Complete Collection Volume 3 TP (Marvel)

Chris’s Draft
1. Famous First Edition: New Fun #1 HC (DC Comics)
2. Batman: White Knight: The Deluxe Edition HC (DC Comics)
3. Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer Of Justice HC (Dark Horse/DC Comics)
4. Punisher Epic Collection: Jigsaw Puzzle TP (Marvel)
5. The Spectre: The Wrath Of The Spectre Omnibus HC (DC Comics)
6. Babyteeth Year One HC (Aftershock)
7. Swamp Thing: Tales From The Bayou TP (DC Comics)
8. Taskmaster: Anything You Can Do… TP (Marvel)
9. Weird Western Tales: Jonah Hex HC (DC Comics)
10. Black Widow: Widowmaker TPB (Marvel)

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