5 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Bands that Launched Their Own Online Slot Games

With the popularity and immense love for franchises, from superheroes to dystopian and fantasy novels, multiple industries have applied this demand to increase businesses.

Pencils, posters, clothing, and games have evolved around beloved characters, movies, and books that have attracted customers.

Themed products have shown success time and time again since people adore the combination of their hobbies and interests into another useful and entertaining service.

Casino games are no exception to this phenomenon, specifically slot machines. With a myriad to choose from, there is no doubt that most slots have a specific theme that is recognizable for players through media coverage.

Gambling is a great option for entertainment (if going to the movies with friends gets a little predictable) that can be done responsibly and safely. 

Although gambling usually receives a negative connotation, it is intended to be enjoyed in a healthy manner through various strategies.

For example, one of the most encouraging tips from professional gamblers and casino regulators is to familiarize yourself with several casino games.

According to Adrian Sireca at OnlineCasinoGems, “it is important to learn basic rules and strategies on casino games, as well as bonuses and rewards when dabbling with online games. Make sure to know what you are dealing with on the casino floor before betting large sums of your money.”

Nevertheless, slot machines have been revolutionized to cater to every possible human interest, be it a superhero or a band. In fact, a popular theme for a slot machine is hard rock and heavy metal bands.

So, if you enjoy the occasional KISS and AC/DC, here are 5 hard rock and heavy metal band themed slot machines you can find on the casino floor.


1. Guns ‘n Roses

NetEnt launched recently a new Guns n’ Roses slot machine that will make its fans 

incredibly excited and satisfied.

The slot machine is set in a virtual Guns n’ Roses concert, where the band is performing 

along with the visuals of the crowd, which adds more realism to the game.

Graphics and overall theme are outstanding for all players, especially those who truly 

love some of the hit songs of the band.

The slot machine features songs such as “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, “Welcome to 

the Jungle”, and others in its massive catalog, which brings the effect of the game all 

the more together.


2. Jimi Hendrix

Famous guitarist Jimi Hendrix can also be found among the sea of slot machines in 

online casinos.

Although his music is not strictly classified as a pure metal, he has contributed strongly to 

the development of key features in metal music including distorted guitar sounds and 

heavier drums.

NetEnt once again released a successful themed slot machine in regards to Jimi 

Hendrix. With a 5-reel and 20 paylines, the slot features Jimi Hendrix himself, guitar solos, and famous songs.

While benefiting from free spins, respins, and prizes, the Jimi Hendrix machine is also 

perfect for the real music fans.



Powered by WMS Gaming, the “Kiss: Shout Out Loud!” slot machine is exclusively 

KISS-themed for those that can recognize the face paint and unique stage outfits.

The slot machine itself is very unique, as it has two separate reels, which is known as a 

Colossal Reel Set.

Several symbols in the slot correlate to the band, such as the close-ups of the band 

members and the KISS logo.

If you are looking for one of the best slot machines, and happen to be a fan of KISS, this 

is the perfect choice when browsing on online casinos.


4. Motorhead

Yet again, NetEnt dedicated one of their slot machines to another metal band, 


With 22 studio albums, 12 compilation records, and 10 live studio recordings, NetEnt 

had plenty of material to incorporate the band’s music into a great slot machine.

Fans can activate “music mode” when playing this slot to listen to Motorhead’s classic 

tunes, while also enjoying the virtual stage on which the band performs.

Be sure to spin a few reels on the slot and listen “Ace of Spades” to get in the spirits of 

gambling and the online casino world.


5. Megadeth

The slot machine Megadeth circulates the theme of the band of the same 

Name, becoming one of the most successful online slots out there.

Considered as one of the best thrash metal bands in history, the slot machine offers 

many of their famous songs to their customers’ disposal.

Online slot players can experience great fun with the 40 paylines, guitar picks, 

amplifiers, the band members, and musical instruments offered throughout the game.

You will be definitely entertained both by the thrill of slots and the music of Megadeth.

As themed slot machines are entertaining and successful among the public, slot machines are the top game within the gambling industry.

In fact, Nevada reported that their state gambling revenues surpassed the one-billion-dollar mark in June and July of 2019 largely due to slot machines.

Even some of the uncommon places for slot machines are generating profits due to the immense thrill and fun people seek from slots.

Chicago, for example, reported that one of its airports is expected to bring in approximately $37 million per year (source).

People enjoy doing multiple tasks with the help of music, be it doing several chores around the house, commuting to work, or playing games, such as slot machines.

Combining popular musical bands and the entertainment of slot machines has proven to be not only a satisfactory user experience but also beneficial for the developers of these games.

The graphics and overall virtual reality of experiencing a concert of the great bands in the history of hard rock and heavy metal is an exciting and intriguing promise of the companies.

With this feature, slot machines become even more enticing and interesting, not to mention intriguing to those who have not dabbled in gambling but enjoy the bands incorporated within the specific game.

Be it a KISS or Megadeth, people can have the opportunity to be immersed within a concert of some of the late greats of music while still winning prizes and free spins as on a traditional slot machine.


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