BROADSWORD Launched Their NEW Website: all Orders get a Door Prize!

NEW Website!
Hey Guys!
I’ve been working on this for MONTHS and I’m so Happy to Launch!

There were a few bugs yesterday, but I worked with our tech team at Miva and they smashed those bugs!

Please Visit and have a look – you can respond to this email with what you think. And All Orders Today will receive a little extra Goodie in their Parcel!
SQWEEE- I hope you all enjoy it and again – cruise around the site and have some fun!! I tried to make it easy to find all the cool stuff!

Below is the NEW Tarot#7 ReIssue Link if you haven’t PreOrdered yet
Click to PreOrder The Return of the Dark Witch

cover A
cover B
Sold out Print going back to press!
A Enchanting pair of prints you can add on!

Here’s the Story:
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #7 Return of the Dark Witch Art & Story by Jim Balent full colour Part 1 of 3 After a long repose, Raven Hex begins her new desire to create a perfect world for witches. She also takes on an apprentice, Willowry. A young misguided Teen , who desires the power which only Magick can bring. Meanwhile, Raven has been marked for Death by the Shadow Coven, Ninja witches! Tarot and Jon’s Romance blooms but will it be nipped in the bud?

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