A wild mashup of Power Rangers parody, Beach Party movies, Bikini Carwash flicks, and maybe even a little bit o’ Super Infra-Man!

POWER RANGERS GONE WILD! Three servers at the Clam-O-Rama clam shack moonlight as BIKINI SENTAI: G-RANGERS!

Nostalgia freak DR. BOOMER plans to create a Time Tornado that will hurl the world back to “happier times” (even if everyone on Earth doesn’t WANT to go)! PRINCESS DAMEONA — Dr. Boomer’s partner-in-time twisting — schemes to use the mayhem and destruction caused by the time reversal to make all humans her SLAVES!

Japanese superheroes, anime tropes, Sixties surf comedies, Cinemax flicks, Bollywood movies, Baby Boomer nostalgia, Action Heroes from the Eighties, Shaw Brothers villains, (and maybe even John Waters crossed with Vincent Price): we dumped EVERYTHING we love into a big ol’ blender and poured out BIKINI SENTAI: G-RANGERS — a tangy cocktail that will make you dizzy with delight!

Even though you’ll be knee-deep in nostalgia, everything old will seem new again, because NEVER BEFORE HAS ANYONE DARED TO ATTEMPT THIS BOLD MIX ‘N’ MATCH OF ELEMENTS that will create ENTERTAINMENT UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU’VE EVER SEEN BEFORE!

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