Better Call Saul to return with a bang

The TV crime drama Better Call Saul will be back on our screens on February 23 as Bob Odenkirk returns as con-man turned small-time lawyer turned criminal-for-hire Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman for a fifth series. The anticipation for the Breaking Bad spin-off prequel is huge, with expectations at an all-time high. A morally-deficient lawyer more often than not wants to improve his clientele numbers and this is what Goodman does throughout the four seasons already out, including in Season One, Episode Seven.

Here he plays bingo caller, trying to coerce his crowd to become clients with a heartfelt soliloquy. Though Goodman’s attempts came at a live bingo event, the online bingo world is quickly taking off alongside it. But, just what else can we expect from the new series?

Ten episodes

Of course, as is customary with Better Call Saul seasons, you can bet your house that there will be ten episodes full of crime, wittiness and sadness. This means that Season Five will see the show’s 50th episode in its last one, destined to be aired April 20, 2020. After two episodes in back-to-back nights, Better Call Saul will air every Monday starting from February 24.

Saul Goodman finally arrives

Season Five picks up where Season Four left off, with Jimmy acting superbly in a bid to be reinstated as a lawyer. Saul Goodman is well and truly here, which the changing of Jimmy’s legal name only cements. From there, Saul arranges a new clientele list which produces some humorous moments such as a “50% off” deal to non-violent offenders if Saul is the first lawyer they call.

Kim’s fate finally sealed?

Kim’s (Rhea Seehorn) fate has always been surrounded with a question mark, particularly as she doesn’t appear in the sequel Breaking Bad. And, Season Five only re-establishes the idea that her and Jimmy’s relationship cannot survive. Despite her moral superiority over Jimmy, Kim struggles with her own moral flexibility within the framework of her job. Surely, Seehorn will be in with a chance of an Emmy in 2020 after missing out four times previously.

Nacho to shine

Away from Saul and Kim, the relationship between Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) and Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) becomes increasingly fragile, affecting other characters. This is particularly true for Nacho (Michael Mando) who has been playing both sides off against each other.

As Lalo comes to the fore, Nacho shines with the intricacy of his personality contrasting brilliantly against Lalo’s aggressive masculine pride. Michael Mando really impresses in his portrayal of Nacho in Season Five.


Things with Mike come to a head

Jonathan Banks’ playing of Mike has been sensational right from the start, but Season Five sees the bald-headed enforcer reach new heights with his character. After killing Werner following the big construction project altercation in Season Four, Mike appears in a bad way and continues to fight with his conscience as the season drags on.

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