Best Review Ever! YOUNGBLOOD #5

PUBLISHER: Image Comics
WRITER: Chad Bowers
COLORS: Juan Manuel Rodríguez
LETTERS: Rus Wooton
COVER: Jim Towe
VARIANT COVERS: Rob Liefeld, Brian Level, and Jonathan Hickman
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: “REBORN,” Part Five (of Six) It’s the beginning of the end for the all-new Youngblood, as Vogue and Dolante face off against the masterminds responsible for Help! And when Badrock’s machinations finally catch up to him in the form of a pissed off President Diehard, Shaft steps in to save his former teammate—-but which one?
COMMENTS: It now says “Part 5 of 6”, I don’t know if that refers to the first arc or if this in now a mini-series. Youngblood #7 isn’t solicited for November. But that could be a skip month between arcs. As for this issue itself, this is really the payoff issue for everyone reading so far. The team is back together. Badrock moves from the sidelines to the center of the action. We see the new Chapels in action. Byrnetec reveals its connection to Cybernet. Giant Cyborgs and Shaft finally pushes Diehard too far. What more could you want from your 90s revival comic!
Note: This is a flipbook with another chapter from Bloodstrike #3 on the back side.

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