Best Review Ever! BLOODSTRIKE #3 (part 2)

PUBLISHER: Image Comics
WRITER: Rob Liefeld
COLORS: Juan Manuel Rodriguez
LETTERS: Chris Eliopoulos
COVER: Rob Liefeld
PRICE: $3.99
Bloodstrike marshals, its forces to stop a deserter that threatens to expose the program and its hideous secrets.
COMMENTS: This is #3, last month Youngblood #4 also had Bloodstrike #3 we will keep getting parts of #3 until the story is over. This is a three-page story entitled “Interlude” and that is exactly what it is. It’s three pages that hint at what’s to come but have nothing to do with the story from last month. The art is pretty but WTF is going on? You got me. 3 stars for the pretty art, without being able to follow the story. This may be too high or too low once the story fits together but as of right now it is a 3. You have to have read the older shit and Image United to even get what might be going on here.
NOTE: This it is a flip book with Youngblood #5.

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