Best Review Ever! YOUNGBLOOD #4

PUBLISHER: Image Comics
WRITER: Chad Bowers
COLORS: Juan Manuel Rodríguez
LETTERS: Rus Wooton
COVER: Jim Towe
VARIANT COVERS: Rob Liefeld, Brian Level, and Jonathan Hickman
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: “REBORN” Part Four Danger. Most people run from it. Shaft rides a motorcycle straight at it. When the world’s most extreme bowman goes rogue, it’s up to the new Youngblood to stop him before he ruins everything. Or worse, gets them all killed.
COMMENTS: This comic is just FUN! It’s a lot of little easter eggs and Extreme Comics history rolled into a new story that fits the times just like Youngblood is suposed to do. Cybernet is here, a new Chapel shows up. We get a small glimps of Supreme. What more could any Liefled fan want from a 25th anniversary celebration of Youngblood? We discover the real purpose of the HELP app and what it means for the users. Most of the mystiers of this series are advanced in this story as the pices are coming together nicely. The story eneded on a nice cliffhange making me want to konw who are Chapel? Note: This is a flipbook with Bloodstrike #3 on the back side.

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