Best Review Ever! BLOODSTRIKE #3 (part 1)

PUBLISHER: Image Comics
WRITER: Rob Liefeld
COLORS: Juan Manuel Rodriguez
LETTERS: Chris Eliopoulos
COVER: Rob Liefeld
PRICE: $3.99
Bloodstrike marshals, its forces to stop a deserter that threatens to expose the program and its hideous secrets.
COMMENTS: NOTE: Two things about this comic. One it is exactly 1 year late. Two it is a flip book with Youngblood #4. The comic is a fight-fest from start to finish. It’s Cobbot vs. Bloodwulf in what looks exactly like a Hulk vs. Thing style battle. Except for the 21st Century there is adult language and blood. It’s 8 pages of one guy punching another guy in the face and one of the pages is a two page spread. For people who like that kind of stuff, this is exactly the kind of stuff those people like. It’s hard to rate this comic because if you have been following the story this is a great chapter and fits in with what has gone before, advances the story and introduces a new character Blackstrike. For a new reader, it’s a short story with two guys punching each other in the face endlessly. However, Bloodwulf is the Extreme Universe version of Lobo and it’s everything you would expect from a know down drag out fight with Lobo. It has more realistic language than most comics and the fight was bloodier than most comic fights so it felt impactfull.

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