Best Review Ever! MURCIÉLAGA SHE-BAT #16

PUBLISHER: Heroic Publishing
WRITER: Martin Powell, back-up Vanessa-Leigh Kirby
ILLUSTRATOR: John Statema, back-up David Mack
INKER: John Statema & Dan Schaefer
COLORS: Albert Deschesne & Grafimater, back-up Dærick Gröss Sr.
LETTERS: Vickie Williams
EDITOR: Dærick Gröss Sr.
COVER: John Statema
PRICE: $4.99
SUMMARY: At long last, the origin of Daerick Gross’s Murciélaga She-Bat is revealed in Part One of “Blood Sisters.” This classic tale, by Martin Powell, John Statema, and Dan Schaefer is presented for the first time in color.
Also in this issue, ETHEREAL BLACK stars in Chapter Six of “Rings for a Demon,” with story by Vanessa-Leigh Kirby, artwork by David Mack, plus a special guest appearance by LADY ARCANE.
COMMENTS: “Blood Sisters” Carmilla Condê is on a killing spree and it’s up to Murciélaga to stop her. During the adventure, we are shown the first part of Mega Vergas origin story as Murciélaga. Suprisingly the story begins in elementry school and Mega never becomes Murciélaga in the first part. But it is a story of a rough childhood, struggle and neglect at Mega tries to find her place in the world only to find how harsh the world can be. In the second feature “Rings for a Demon” we see Ethereal Black meet Lady Arcane. Lady Arcane attacks Ethereal Black when she mistakes Ethereal Black for a villian. Ethereal Black is amamzingly understanding of the situation. Both stories are team up stories of sorts and both end with a cliff hanger. The solicitations list the second story as “Rings for a Demon” but in the comic it looks like the story is “The Black” and last issue the back-up story was titled “Rhesus” What is not made entirlly clear here is that these Reiki Warriors back-up stories are one big story “Rings for a Demon”. The Rhesus story appeared to be a complete story with an ending. But when you read “chapter Six of ‘Rings for a Demon’,” you have to assume that Rhesus was then chapter five. I know this is nit picking and ultimately not important but it did make me go back an pick up #15 again just to make sure I didn’t miss something. The art on both stories is outstanding, between John Statema and Daving Mack you get two beautifully rendared stories.  The coloring is very strong. In the Murciélaga they divide up the story based on time frame with the past being colorful and the present having a darker palet.

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