BEFORE HOUDINI (Insight Comics; July 16) – Jeremy Holt’s mesmeric prequel to After Houdini imagines the legendary magician’s thrilling origins

Before Houdini
Written by Jeremy Holt
Illustrated by John Lucas | Colors by Adrian Crossa

London, 1888. A shadowy killer stalks the streets of London, his appetite for blood unleashed upon the city’s lower classes. To defeat him, MI6 turns to its most top-secret team: four teenage agents with extraordinary gifts—including a young American immigrant with a talent for escapism. . .

After Houdini (2018) began the story of Josef Houdini, son of the famous Harry Houdini—brilliant illusionist, acclaimed escape artist, and top-secret covert operative. Before Houdini (Insight Comics; July 16, 2019; $16.99), turns back the clock and introduces Ehrich Weiss, a young man whose talent for picking locks is about to land him the adventure of his dreams and pull him into a war that will affect his life—and his son’s—for years to come. This is the story of Ehrich’s strange beginnings, from before he was a world-famous magician. Before he was a master of espionage.

Before he was Houdini.

Before Houdini
By Jeremy Holt, Illustrated by John Lucas
Colors by Adrian Crossa
Insight Comics | July 2019 | 7.75 in. × 10.25 in. | 96 pages
Paperback | $16.99
ISBN: 978-1-68383-063-4

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