AXEMAN Prepares For Battle Against “Satan’s Whores”

LOS ANGELES (May 21, 2018) – This morning, “Axeman” trilogy writer and director Joston Ramon Theney confirmed the release of #SinningWorks’ first comic book, scheduled to hit shelves this Fall.  The one-off comic follows the two surviving characters Kesha and Sunshine of hit underground-horror film “Axeman 2: Overkill” starring MTV “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham, “Baywatch” star Angelica Bridges and CBS’ “Big Brother” Rachel Reilly.

“It’s been a wild ride to get to this point – never having worked in comics before but luckily I’ve had a great artist to work with,” Theney said. “This story was originally a bridge between the events of OVERKILL and the upcoming ABSOLUTION but has since become so much more.  It continues the journey of Kesha and Sunshine and shows you that there was more than meets the eye to their relationship and their relationship with Denise from the first film.”
Theney went on to say, “The comic also paves the way for a more substantive conclusion to the trilogy for the upcoming AXEMAN 3: ABSOLUTION.  It closes the loop on questions from the first and second films while introducing a new dark, more graphic, tone.”
The experience has been so great that the AXEMAN creator has considered a standalone series for the comic crowd.  “This process really opened my eyes and I showed me how effective and freeing the comic medium can be – it is true freedom.  The only limitation you have is your own creativity – budget is no longer an issue.  Censorship is no longer an issue.  It’s true freedom to deliver the story you want to tell and the story the fans want to experience.”
The one-off comic’s title is a nod back to the film series’ original title.  “Yes, AXEMAN will only refer to the established film franchise but all novels and comics will contain the original title.  This one gives preference to the three characters’ secret allegiance that was alluded to in OVERKILL,” Theney added.  And the comic’s name?  “Satan’s Whores: An Axeman At Cutter’s Creek Story.”
AXEMAN 2: OVERKILL is unrated and currently available on Amazon, Amazon Prime, Viewster, FandangoNOW, ScreamBox, Vimeo & PantaFlix.  More information available at and

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