ART’S REVIEWS: Diana Rubino discusses her new novels “Sharing Hamilton” and “Eliza Jumel Burr: Vice Qeen of America”

Author Diana Rubino discusses her new historical novels.  Sharing Hamilton is about the first sex scandal in American politics when it was revealed that Founding Father Alexander Hamilton was having an affair with a married woman.  There is also a murder mystery that adds to the tension of the story.  Eliza Jumel Burr: Vice Queen of America tells the story of Eliza Jumel who became Aaron Burr’s second wife.  Aaron Burr was the vice president of the United States who killed Alexander Hamilton is a duel in Weehawken, New Jersey. At age 78 he marries Eliza who is a formidable woman herself.  These novels are based on actual historical figures and are filled with adventure and romance.

As always, Diana and I get into some very interesting tangents which include history, science, the Kennedy Assassination and UFOs.  This is a free wheeling discussion that will have something to interest every fan!


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