Artificial Ink, the World’s First Magazine Dedicated to Comic Books Made With AI Art.

Get Ready to Be Amazed

(Las Vegas Nevada, Immediate release) Artificial Ink magazine officially released its premiere issue. The magazine features previews of over 40 comic books and graphic novels that visualized with AI art. It also includes a gallery and articles for those interested in creating comic books with AI art.

“The text-to-image technology now enables millions of people to visualize worlds, characters, and places that simply could not be done before,” comments Walter Fuego, publisher of Artificial Ink and

“Bringing together all of these books to showcase the evolution of this emerging form of comic book represents a significant milestone. The collection features the earliest books, which had a more impressionistic style because of the limitations of the initial versions, as well as the latest books that skillfully combine striking graphics with captivating narratives.” Fuego continued.

The magazine feature samples of forty comic books and graphic novels, as well as a ‘how to’ article, and an interview with ChatGPT.

In late 2022, was established to support creators who use text to image technology to visualize their stories. The site promotes these storytellers with no cost to either the creators or the readers.

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