Amazing Comics About Gambling

Usually while scrolling through gambling sites, we come across comics and interesting comic characters. Comic books and gambling have a deep relationship. Although there are no gambling-themed western comics, there are many comics that have stories and characters related to Gambling in comics and the gambling world. 

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Another way to attract more gamblers is to provide comic-themed slots. Here’s a look at five of the best gambling comics:


Superman is a well-known comic that was recognized as having a significant gambling problem in the late 1930s. When it comes to gambling, individuals had different perspectives eighty years ago but now the whole scenario has changed. 

The Man of Steel helps the city get over the addiction and bad impacts of gambling in two Superman stories, “Superman and the Numbers Racket” and “The Gambling Racket in Metropolis.” They did not have any idea at that time that Superman would one day have his own comic-themed slot.


Gambler (DC): 

There have been two characters named Gambler in DC Comics. The first Gambler was Stephen Sharp III’s alter persona, and he initially appeared as an evil character of the original Green Lantern in Green Lantern #12 in 1944. The Gambler became one of the Injustice Society’s six founding members in 1947. 

Due to certain circumstances, Stephen Sharp III took the name- “The Gambler” and went on to become an evil criminal. Before committing suicide in the mid-1980s, he used to have multiple disagreements and confrontations with the Green Lantern. And after him, Stephen Sharp V – his grandson took over the position. This is how the villain of this comic revolved around Gambling in comics.



Kaiji was released in 1996 and has been a popular Japanese gambling manga series. The hero of the series – Kaiji is a conman and gambler who takes a loan from some evil and bad intended people. He was unable to repay it and was resultantly found sunk in deep water. And then he was recruited in a Yakuza labour camp with a contract for at least 15 years to repay his debt.

Life in the work camp and for that long wasn’t easy and possible, so Kaiji tried on his gambling talents to earn some money and get himself out of the trouble. The comic was so popular that it produced two TV shows, two films, and a reality game show inspired purely from the series.



Akagi is a famous gambling-themed Japanese manga series that was originally published in 1991. Shigeru Akagi is a young boy who plays mahjong and defeats Yakuza members despite the fact that he was not even aware of the rules of the games. After this, he vanishes and reappears as a legend and still continues to defeat his opponents in mahjong. In Japan, Akagi has sold 12 million copies, was taken as an inspiration for two films, three television shows, and inspired numerous books, manga spin-offs, and video games.



Gambit is one of the few non-villainous gambling figures in Western comics. In 1990, Gambit made his debut appearance as a cameo in Marvel Uncanny X-Man Annual #14. Uncanny X-Men #266 featured him in his first full appearance the same year. 

Remy Etienne LeBeau was the real name of Gambit and he is a mutant who can create and manipulate kinetic energy. Despite being a member of a thieves’ guild in his youth, he finally joined the X-men and became a good guy. 

Gambling in comics has a long history. Comic books and gambling are different forms of entertainment that have a long and illustrious history. Famous comic villains and antiheroes have all gambled, and have been popular in their times. 

Hopefully, you will find the gambling comics described here. Gambling and comics will undoubtedly continue to have a relationship, and there will be more comics with gambling-themed tales. And comic-themed slots will continue to grow in popularity.

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