AFTERSHOCK Postponing New Books During COVID-19 Pandemic

To our retailer partners and friends:

It’s been a wild few days – and looks to be a wild few weeks, if not months. As we at AfterShock have been discussing what we can do directly to help lessen the impact of COVID-19, we remain grateful for the insights and concerns shared with us by many of you in recent days. As we stated earlier in a note to our fans, we continue to support all your efforts in navigating these uncharted waters. Our hearts go out particularly to shops forced to shutter in the midst of regional lockdowns.

We have had deep, serious discussions with Diamond and are prepared to participate, where we can, in initiatives and relief plans that they will put forward soon. We have also had conversations with many retailers, who have encouraged us to postpone shipments of our new books. As of this writing, we are working to delay such shipments by a minimum of 4 weeks, monitoring and re-evaluating daily the possible extension of this delay beyond 4 weeks, if necessary. We look forward with hope and confidence to that time when we can return to business as usual.

We’re also taking this action in support of our creators. It’s their books that we’ve been entrusted to publish, promote and work with you to sell. As you know, we have some incredible new series set to launch and are determined to do so in an environment that benefits all contributors and stakeholders.

A number of you have inquired about our AfterShock Army team of brand ambassadors. Obviously, their health and well-being are our primary concern. We are working with them individually to determine how to best stay in touch with those of you they’ve already visited or otherwise contacted. In general, we’ve tasked them with taking their cues from you. Steve Rotterdam will be reaching out directly to shops over the next few days with more specific information.

Committed to remaining as flexible as possible, we will continue to monitor circumstances in this new era of unprecedented change and challenge. And as broader programs are put forward, we will determine – in consultation with you — the best ways AfterShock might participate.

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions, comments and opinions. We wouldn’t want it any other way. You make what we do worthwhile.

Joe Pruett
Publisher and Chief Creative Officer
AfterShock Comics

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