Los Angeles, CA — Nigerian-born comic book writer Ade Olumofin is commencing on a Kickstarter campaign for the November release of “Battle of the Orishas” — the second of a planned six part anthology delving into the worlds of revered characters from African myth and lore. As the second chapter in a projected six-part comic book series, “Battle of the Orishas” picks up where the first installment, “Sango – How a Yoruba General Became a God-King”, left off. It continues the story of Sango, a Yoruba general turned God-king who fights powerful villains in his quest to protect the Oyo kingdom. With a passionate fanbase, Ade Olumofin has already been able to produce the second chapter “Battle of the Orishas” available in digital. The upcoming Kickstarter campaign will be to commission Volume 1 (Chapters 1, 2, and, 3 combined), raise funds to translate the comic book into Portuguese, and print the already produced chapter 2 of the sixpart comic book series. In the course of the overall story, Sango ultimately becomes the God of Thunder and Lightning. The basis for the character is a real 14th-century African king – Sango of the powerful W. African Kingdom of Oyo. Sango is now revered as a deity — a figure still worshiped in Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas, and other African communities around the world. By exploring Sango’s journey, the comic book series spotlights a major legend within African culture that is recognized in many parts of the globe but completely unfamiliar to most readers in the West. Just as so many fan-favorite characters from the DC and Marvel universes derive from Asian, Greek and Nordic mythology, Africa has its own epics and mythologies that have captivated imaginations for generations. Ade recognized an opportunity to enrich and expand the superhero genre while inviting new voices and characters into the domain of storytelling. With “Sango – How a Yoruba General became a God-King” and “Battle of the Orishas,” he hopes to bring these stories to the forefront of popular culture. An alumna of the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Ade decided to write his comic books after observing a lack of African heroes depicted in popular media. He plans to further a range of projects, focusing on under-told stories. Ade hopes the “Sango” series will be the springboard for more storytelling inspired by African heroes and myths. “Sango – How a Yoruba General became a God-King” is currently available for purchase on Amazon in both English and Portuguese. The Kickstarter for “Battle of the Orishas” will launch on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

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